The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a program or a course that is made for the purpose of detailed, accurate and scientific revelation of the principles of the Law of attraction and manifestation. Its creator is Dr. Robert Anthony. He decided to put an end all false and superficial interpretations of Law of Attraction and manifestation. His approach is honest, experiential and truly proven.


What you can expect to learn from this program?

How we actually create our lives – unconsciously by living in DEFAULT mode and consciously by living in DESIGN mode and how to solve the conflict between these two Hand and Touchscreen Technology as concept

Many people live their lives without knowing that they have the power and ability of deliberate creation which allows them completely change their lives. They think that struggle, stress and worry are normal things and it will be that way for the rest of their lives. That leads them to despair. They just don’t know they can create  money, health, relationships and whatever they want in a very short time and in a very simple way – if they have a knowledge to do so. I’ve been in this situation too. I wondered whether life will be constantly filled by the stress, fear and feeling stuck. I had no idea what the law of attraction, visualization or manifestation are. These terms I have not learned anywhere – neither in school nor at home. This program will show you everything about manifestation and how it really works.

How manifestation really works

hand push last puzzleIf you study other programs on the Law of attraction and manifestation you will not get full  information. Not because authors want to hide something from you, but because they simply don’t know that field in such dept. Someone who is not meticulously studied a particular topic can not know as well as someone who has the proven experience which is dr. Robert Anthony who has been teaching the Law of Attraction and manifestation for over 30 years. This is his life and his calling. You will often find  in Law of Attraction and manifestation books  a formula that is correct but incomplete: intention + positive thoughts + believing = manifestation.  This incompleteness leads to a vagueness which is a reason why many personal development programs fail.

What is “ALIGNMENT” and how does it work

positive-725842_640When we talk about Alignment, then we are talking about Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics and Conscious and Subconscious Alignment. Dr. Robert Anthony very well explain these concepts and how they work. Quantum physics has so far proved that our thoughts create our reality. What we think, we create in our lives. If we think and feel negative thoughts and emotions, we will create negative things in our lives. And if we think and feel positive thoughts and emotions, then we will manifest positive things. So if we want positive things in our lives, we need to align ourselves with Laws of Quantum Physics to be able to receive it.

downloadOn the other hand conscious and subconscious mind must be in alignment. What we choose consciously, we must also choose unconsciously. Otherwise, we can not manifest what we want. In fact, maybe we could, but with a lot more effort, strain and struggle, and it is very likely that it will not last.


 The Secret of Deliberate Creation Sneak Peek

   Disc 1

  • Introduction  16:37
  • Quantum Physic – The Key To Creating Your Future 25:35
  • The Law Of Attraction   20:41

   Disc 2

  • How The Collective Consciousness Of Others Controls Your Life  17:19
  • How to use Your Natural Inner Guidance System  9:25
  • The secret of the Flip Switch   15:22
  • Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner  18:16

   Disc 3

  • Heart- Set vs. Mindset
  • How to Know What You Truly Desire
  • Your Creative Magic Energy – The Law of Critical Mass

  Disc 4

  • Communicating With your ESP
  • Understanding Time And Your “Point Of Power”
  • Allowing vs Resisting

Disc 5

  • Removing Self Sabotage And Mental Blocks
  • Let Go And Let It Happen

  Disc 6

  • How to Know When It’s Time To take Action
  • The Road To No More Excuses
  • The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design

For those who wish to further deepen their knowledge and take success to even higher levels, Dr. Anthony has prepared a collection of his books that he gives with a program absolutely free. I have read many books from Robert Anthony and I can say they have same high quality content as his all other products and are my favorite books in the field of personal development. His writing style is clear, simple and every sentence is full of wisdom. The books you will get for free:










  1. Ljerka

    Ova stranica logo Ti Dr. Anthony – knjige ma FANTASTIČNI STE !!! jer vodite u stvarnost fantazije. Jako jako lijepo. Brzo u akciju i prevođenje svih knjiga. Ta kako će nam svima poslužiti ako su samo na engleskom. Ma ja želim biti u ovom znanju pa makar učila engleski čak i u tom govornom području. Milina bi mi bilo!!!
    Kako ide edukacija po Dr. Anthony kad počinje kojom dinamikom koliko košta ….molim malo više o tome…HVALA do skorog početka životnog znanja.
    Vjerujem i očekujem uskoro!!!
    Pozdrav Tebi i Dr. Anthony kojeg si tako lijepo predstavio!!!
    ŽIVJELI !!!

  2. Joe

    I have heard about the law of attraction before from my father who introduced me to “The Secret” a book and movie about the law of attraction and how to obtain what you want. This was a very interesting read, and it does work, the only problem I have is to keep it up. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Dragan

      Hi Joe,

      Thank you for your comment!

      It’s nice to hear that the information and knowledge about how to achieve what we want is increasingly expanding in the world.

      In this case, it is the word about the law of attraction and the principles of success. But it can be anything else.

      As for sticking in this area, I think the most important element is decision and right information. I agree that it can be a challenge, but if we choose to move in this direction, we should be persistent and find the way to keep it up so eventually our new behavior become our second nature. As in all things. I am persistent on this path because I don’t see a better way.

      By all means, I’m glad that you visited my page 🙂


  3. Keith

    I love that people are talking about the law of attraction. It really has become one of the missing pieces of the puzzle. Knowing that we can alter our realities makes a world of difference. When operating with this law do you ever have less than favorable results? I feel like occasionally I wont have my emotional body in the right state and my manifestations will back fire(all part of learning the art i suppose) Stay positive my friend and keep envisioning good things.

  4. Oren

    Hi Dragan,

    I have a saying I’ve used for years: “Never accept life’s default settings.”. I guess I could add to that: “…Live in Design mode!” I like it.

    Now, I don’t know about creating money, health, relationships, etc in a “short time”. But if one sticks with a healthy attitude, they’ll manifest those items in “due time”.

    I love the idea of “Alignment”. It’s been said that we become what we think about. That is very much in line with what quantum mechanics suggests. If we “resonate” at certain frequencies, we will align with them. Like tuning stations on the radio, choose ones that will enrich our lives.

    Great post, I hope it stimulates some creativity – thanks for writing it.

    Cheers, Oren

    • Dragan

      Hi Oren! You have a catchy attitude!

      Well, this money, health thing is relative, of course! I just wanted to say that it is my experience that I manifested for example, a job that I love in a very short time. And before that I thought I will never get the job that I love and enjoy. Or I have solved some other things that I thought it will never be solved.

      But I also understand what you want to say.

      Anyway, I appreciate your comment!

  5. Dragan

    Hi Keith!

    I think humanity just started to understand this new paradigm called LOA, but despite that a lot of people improved their lives and achieve many goals which they previously considered unattainable. There is ongoing process of revealing its principles and I’m convinced that we’ll benefit more over time.

    Although this is the best way to live as I’m concerned, of course I have a lot more to learn in order to improve and speed up the process.
    I have many positive results, but there are also many teachers who mastered this law, and one of the best that I know is dr. Robert Anthony.

    Thank you, Keith, for your comment!
    Have a wonderful day!


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