What is actually self-confidence?


Self-confidence is feeling that comes from a healthy and positive attitude towards ourselves. When we are confident then we love and accept ourselves as we are. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses and create a harmonious and positive relationships, successfully cope with stress… It can be also called an emotional stability.


It is very important quality in our lives on which depends our success and quality of life. It is certainty in ourselves and our own values and strengths. Confident people are certain that they can achieve their goals and dreams and are not discouraged because of failures they face, as opposed to people who lack self-confidence and react on failures with feelings of guilt, inadequacy, low self-worth and incapability.


Lack of self-confidence causes very negative consequences in our lives: loneliness, fear, depression, life stagnation, poor relationships, psychosomatic illnesses and various addictions.

Self-confidence is beginning to develop or distort under the influence of the environment in which we grew up.


Can self-confidence be developed?


Of course it can! It all depends on whether we believe in it and whether we have decided to do something about it. Building self-confidence is actually changing patterns of thinking, behaviors and feelings and it’s not always easy to do.

Once I thought that confidence can not be built. I thought if you don’t have it, that’s it. I believed that we were born with low self-confidence. However, life has convinced me otherwise. Over time I realize that I can still do something about it. Actually, a lot!