Is the LOA real?


This is a question which I believe ask all those who have encountered with this term in searching for the truth and the better life.

And what is the reason we ask that question? 

The answer is very simple. If this law exists and if we can rely on it, then it means we can really achieve anything we want and that all our efforts make sense. But if it doesn’t exist, then why bother with it? Why should we do anything if we don’t have a basis for it?

Will we find scientific proof of the Law of attraction or not depends on whether we choose to believe it is real or imagined. If you believe this law is invented to mislead the masses, then you will search the entire internet and find the only evidence to support that belief. But if you choose to believe it is real, then you will find evidence for your conviction. Because I’m convinced the law of attraction is real and exists I’ll try to explain what it really is.


I’m not speaking about this law as it is a concept or hypothesis, but  as a real natural, universal, stable law that is as real as Newton’s law of gravity, the basic laws of mechanics, laws of electric and magnetic effects, the law of the indestructibility of matter, the laws of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of mechanical energy.

Thus, the law of attraction is universal, natural law, which contains in its essence the maxim “Like attracts like.” And this raises the question: “What about the fact that opposites attract each other?” What I know, this law needs to be seen from the perspective of quantum physics.

Following text is an excerpt from Greg Braden – “The Language of the Devine Matrix”.

All we know in this universe is made of atoms. Science was first believed that the atoms are only particles, but later it proved atoms are actually particles and waves, i.e., quantum possibilities – possibilities of our lives (our perfect relationship, abundance, health, perfect job …). These waves are constantly in the flow. The moment you stop the waves they become stationary, pulsating waves. These waves represent the reality of our lives. These are atoms of reality. Stationary waves or atoms of reality are created by us through our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.


double-slit-experiment-1473204_1280In 1909. scientists conducted a double-slit experiment that started the idea of quantum physics. They have taken a particle of matter – the photon which they fired through a barrier with a slit to the target barrier – detector.

In the first part of the experiment, the photons behaved like particles.

Science believed at that time the particles (elemental part of all existence) can only be at one place at one time. And because of that, they were not prepared for what will follow in the experiment.  

In the second part of the experiment, they added the barrier another slit. In this phase of the experiment when they fired particle into the double slit barrier, the particle after passing through the slit “turned” into waves. It didn’t behave as a particle but as a wave. It had previously been unknown and unthinkable to science.

This raised the question of why? Who knows there are two slits? Photon? Scientists who observe the experiment?

What they found in this experiment is that the awareness of an observer affects the particle, or how the particles behave.

Why does it matter? Because this shows that our consciousness affects the physical reality in which we live. The observer changes the particle from which our world is created.


This experiment was repeated in 1998 in Israel with the same results. The experiment also showed the more an observer observes the particle, the effect is greater. So, the more we look at our physical world we have more influence on it. Only with being present in the world.

Buddhist tradition tells us virtually the same thing: “The reality exists only where the mind directs the focus.” If this is true, the question is, where is our focus?

According to what has been said, we can conclude that we are creators of our own reality who create with thoughts, beliefs and feelings.



  1. Brent

    nicely done. Yes, when I read the book “The Self Aware Universe” they were called wavicles. I love all this stuff and I am a firm believer in LOA as well.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Dragan

      Hi Brent!

      Thank you for the visit!

      I like the term “wavicles”! I’m sure I will read that book as soon as possible to expand my knowledge on the subject.

      I believe this knowledge will help many to achieve the life they want!

      Have a wonderful day!

      • Brent

        I am almost commented on this for the first time again! all still true and coming more to life now than it was before. Manifesting is happening more and more every day which means my belief is amplified(optimized if you will). I was surprised monday after my morning meditation of getting my first payment from affiliate marketing. And I am not talking dollars but HUNDREDS of dollars. THAT is when manifesting gets bigger and better. the law of attraction works when you let it. It is waiting for you to let it.

        • Dragan

          Hi Brent! It’s time for celebration!

          Thank you for stopping by to share your awesome experience! Yes, every time we manifest something, our belief in the process is growing and thus we get even more of what we want in life.

          I’m glad that you consciously use the Law of attraction!

          Keep manifesting!

  2. Nnamdi

    Hello, Dragan, this is a detailed article on Law of Attraction. If we believe it or not it is real and it affects ours lives in one way or the other, negatively or positively depending on what you attracting to yourself, lol. That is why as Christain, we are thought to speak positively and believe (faith).

    These two are the same but it is just that the other is based on science and the other on religion.

    Thanks for the revelation.

    • Dragan

      Hi Nnamdi!

      Very well said!

      I have always believed that science and religion should go together in order to reveal the truth!

      Thank you for your positive words and comment!

      Stay blessed!

  3. Queen

    Dragan, thank you for this. I believe that what we focus on is attracted into our lives. There’s a message I have been listening to “seeing with the inner eye” Has blessed me a lot.
    When I was younger
    I attracted things easily. As I wanted but now I do the focus I do the work but I don’t seem to get it.

    Do you have any solutions
    I really need a good life.

    Or maybe the time for the attraction to

    • Dragan

      Hi Queen!

      Thank you for dropping by!

      I created this web-site to spread the best knowledge in the area of LOA.

      The best author who helped me to turn my life for 360 is Dr. Robert Anthony.

      On this website I will promote his products because I think they are simply the best!

  4. Kevin McNamara

    Great article Dragan!

    As the great late Dr Wayne Dyer says ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”

    So true. I really believe in the law of attraction. I have my meditation then affirmations and visualisations each morning and they really do come true. If you believe haha! And I certainly do.

    Thanks again, love your site 🙂 Kev

    • Dragan

      Hi Kevin!

      This is my favorite quote 😉 I see that you are LOA practitioner 🙂

      I’m glad that you are feeling good here!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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