Dr. Robert Anthony

Dr. Robert Anthony has spent over 30 years studying mind power development. He has an academic background  with a PhD in cognitive  psychology,  a master certification in both Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Anthony wrote  fifteen  books and many  of  transformational audio training programs such as The Secret of Deliberate Creation, which is one of the best-selling personal development audio programs in the world, Self Confident Creator,  Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosys etc.

His most popular books are “Beyond Positive Thinking”, and “The Ultimate Secrets  of Total  Self-Confidence” that are currently  published  in 22 foreign languages.

Dr. Anthony has a talent to teach complicated ideas in a simple but powerful way which anyone can easely understand. And if you apply concepts and strategies he teaches you get results. RESULTS are to him much more important than the publicity, because they speak for themselves.

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