Why Albatross Flight?

I have chosen Albatross as a metaphor of our potential and abilities. As albatross evolved into a bird that travels 10,000 miles in a single journey without flapping its wings, so can we evolve in humans who use their skills and potentials to live a better life.

As albatrosses are using a technique known as ‘dynamic soaring’ which allows them to gain height by angling their wings while flying into the wind, so can we use various technique to gain heights in all areas of our life.

Albatrosses spend very little energy during flight. They can glide for hours without rest or even a flap of their wings. How much energy do we need in order to achieve our goals? Do we have to struggle or we can do it on easy and natural way?

Albatrosses have the longest wingspan of any bird – up to 11 feet (3.4 meters), but we have even greater. The difference is that we often do not use them.

On this website you will find informations you need to spread your wings and live the life you deserve.