My name is Dragan Srdić and I created this page to help everyone reach their potential and live their life the way they really want.

I graduated in philosophy and religious studies. Besides that, I am studying the area of psychology and personal development for 18 years now and I am applying that knowledge on myself. In addition to a series of books I read I attended various courses and seminars as well as workshops in “Art of Living”, business seminars, school of awareness and spiritual mastery at the Center of Consciousness and many others…

“Sunny Within,” I imagined as a place where I will share information that helped me dare to go my own way and realize my aspirations.

One of the key changes to that way, is the change of the way you think. To successfully do that, I will do my best to help you with the aid of books, audio courses and other pieces of information.

All books and audio programs that I offer are checked, tested and implemented. This means they significantly influenced the quality of my life i.e. which helped me achieve significant results.

The relationship I have with each visitor is built on the principles of understanding, respect and true listening. This means that it is my intention to make you feel like a person who grows with me.

The values that I want to convey to others, are the values on which I form my own life and which I share with great enthusiasm:


  • How to change your circle of influence from negative to positive
  • How to do what you love and love what you do
  • How to improve your health
  • How to naturally get to the abundance that you are entitled to.
  • How to live a happy life


For me, the “investment in yourself” is the best way to achieve what you want, because that way not only will you improve your life, but also the lives of the people around you.

The greatest inspiration and the highest value in the field of personal development, I have found in the work of dr. Robert Anthony.

His books, programs and his work were the main factors that helped me increase the quality of my life and to live my life how I want to.

At the same time I work as a personal assistant in the association CeDePe. Studying the principles of success, law of attraction, books and programs, I often wonder whether they apply to all people?

Do these principles apply to people with polio, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, dystrophy, etc.?

Through the work with this population, I realized and convinced myself that they do, but the same rules apply to them, an individual must take responsibility, otherwise things cannot proceed as  they wish.

To help these people I have decided to donate 1% of earnings, for each product or service sold, to them – the most vulnerable in our society.

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