This is an old fable where old man and his son are going to the market in the village to sell a donkey. On the way they first met group of people who commented that the father and son are pretty silly because they are walking alongside the donkey instead of riding it.

Then after jeers from the locals, the father told the son to ride the donkey. They soon met another group of people who critised the father how can he let a young son to ride he donkey and he, the old man, walks.

To get away from these critics, father decided to ride the donkey himself and let the boy walk. But, neither this option didn’t satisfied some locals.

Old miller then decided that both he and his son should ride the donkey.


You are guessing what happened then!

After the next critique that they are overburdening their beast, father lost his mind and end up carrying the donkey on his back.


3 Life Lessons we can learn from this Aesop’s fable:


1. Follow your own path

No matter what others tell you what you should do, have or be, mind your own business. Do not let others determine how you will live your life. The only person who knows You best is You. It is Your life, Your responsibility and Your decisions.

To often our lives is determined by others and this happens only because we allow it. The moment we make decision to follow our own path and don’t let others interfere, we are ready to reach whatever we want to.


2. Don’t conform to the expectations of others

Aesop’s fable are teaching us that you can’t please everyone. And those who would try to do this surely will not succeed.

No matter what you do and how ‘good’ you behave, there will always be someone who would look at your actions differently. From another perspective. And for that reason they will evaluate it as ‘bad’.

If you become rich one day, there would be a lot of people who would comment all sorts of things about your wealth. That you got rich overnight, that you only had the luck, maybe you are thief, that is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God, some would be envious of you and invent all kind of stories about you.

At every moment of your life someone will like your existence and someone will not. The fact is that you can not please everyone. That is why it is best in the whole story to please yourself. If you are pleasing other people and live up to their expectations, you are not pleasing yourself.

We must be aware that happiness comes from fulfilling our own aspirations and purposes.


3. Be prepared to face with obstacles

When we decide to follow our own way, we will without doubt encounter obstacles. 

Some will come from us, some from others, and some from life itself.

In such situations it’s important not to lose the focus of our direction and move on.

When we are walking on our way this means that we are doing some things in a different way. Different from other people. Consequently we are exposed to criticism and other people opinions. That constant exposure of different thoughts and behaviours of others slows us down to a certain extent. This could have the effect of prolonging our journey. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll not arrive at our destination. It just means we will arrive in the time that is best for us.

That’s why Earl Nightingale said: Never give up on a dream just because of the time  it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

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