What is Time & Whether it Exists at All – That is The Question!

What is Time & Whether it Exists at All – That is The Question!

Recently in one conversation, my friend mentioned that the workshop we attended passed so fast.

I have replied to her that it isn’t so and that it is only appearing to her. The workshop actually didn’t last at all and it is just seeming to us it passed fast or slow. The reason for this is our subjective perception of “time flow” which is not only relatively, but also completely fictitious.

What is really happening is that the workshop had not even lasted. The workshop and all our life are happening at the present moment, while the past, the future and the “time flow” are nothing but pure illusion designed in order for us to have certain experiences including experience of time flow.


The question of time is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of philosophy and science so that Aurelius Augustine, one of the most influential Christian teacher to the question “What is the time” replied: “If no one asks me, I know, but if I would like to clarify this issue, I do not know “. He thought that the time depends on the internal psychological experience of time, ie. that time is something subjective.

Blaise Pascal, the famous French philosopher, mathematician and physicist gave a similar answer: “Who could define the time? And why take such a thing since all people understand what it means when someone is talking about the time? “

Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher who is considered a central figure of modern philosophy held that the time is also subjective and that it is a pure form of perception.

Hegel, another influential German philosopher tried to explain the time as pure forms of senses and perception.


I’m sure we all have the similar experience of time and we know that time is subjective. Beautiful moments just “flew by”, and those less beautiful “last and last”.

From all these understandings of time, we can say that time is really something subjective. But how to explain that? Could it be a little clearer to us?

How to understand Tolstoy’s statement: What has passed is no longer here. What will be is not yet here. So what does exist? Only point at which past and future meet. At this point is our whole life.

I would like this clarifying began with the British physicist Julian Barbour, who believes that time doesn’t exist and that we do not have any proof that the past exists apart from our memory of past events and that we do not have any evidence that there is future other than our belief in it.


The only proof we have is proof of the NOW!

In order to make sure that past and future do not exist, but are only concepts – Illusions in our minds, try to catch them!

If you catch the past or the future, I would ask you to bring it to me and teach me how to do that!

We are left with only PRESENT MOMENT which comprises the whole of our life.


What is evident in the study of time is that in a certain period of time there are series of moments – points – changes.

So if we observe a particular time course from point A to point B, then we can say that it consists of a series of moments.

Each event in our reality can, therefore, be reduced to a set of moments.

To understand this more clearly and visually, we can take for example a flip book. This is the name of the book consisting of a series of images that gradually turns from one picture to the other so that the quick change creates a simulation of movement or other changes.


As in the flip book the illusion of movement occurs with a rapid change of pictures so our reality occurs with a rapid change of present moments.

We can say that the “pictures of reality” are changing so fast that our mind can not perceive how this illusion is created.

A similar principle can be seen with a film projector.



So, life is nothing but a change of NOW moments that our mind perceives as reality.

Scientific Proof of the Law of Attraction – Are You Kidding Me?

Scientific Proof of the Law of Attraction – Are You Kidding Me?

Is the LOA real?


This is a question which I believe ask all those who have encountered with this term in searching for the truth and the better life.

And what is the reason we ask that question? 

The answer is very simple. If this law exists and if we can rely on it, then it means we can really achieve anything we want and that all our efforts make sense. But if it doesn’t exist, then why bother with it? Why should we do anything if we don’t have a basis for it?

Will we find scientific proof of the Law of attraction or not depends on whether we choose to believe it is real or imagined. If you believe this law is invented to mislead the masses, then you will search the entire internet and find the only evidence to support that belief. But if you choose to believe it is real, then you will find evidence for your conviction. Because I’m convinced the law of attraction is real and exists I’ll try to explain what it really is.


I’m not speaking about this law as it is a concept or hypothesis, but  as a real natural, universal, stable law that is as real as Newton’s law of gravity, the basic laws of mechanics, laws of electric and magnetic effects, the law of the indestructibility of matter, the laws of thermodynamics and the law of conservation of mechanical energy.

Thus, the law of attraction is universal, natural law, which contains in its essence the maxim “Like attracts like.” And this raises the question: “What about the fact that opposites attract each other?” What I know, this law needs to be seen from the perspective of quantum physics.

Following text is an excerpt from Greg Braden – “The Language of the Devine Matrix”.

All we know in this universe is made of atoms. Science was first believed that the atoms are only particles, but later it proved atoms are actually particles and waves, i.e., quantum possibilities – possibilities of our lives (our perfect relationship, abundance, health, perfect job …). These waves are constantly in the flow. The moment you stop the waves they become stationary, pulsating waves. These waves represent the reality of our lives. These are atoms of reality. Stationary waves or atoms of reality are created by us through our beliefs, thoughts and feelings.


double-slit-experiment-1473204_1280In 1909. scientists conducted a double-slit experiment that started the idea of quantum physics. They have taken a particle of matter – the photon which they fired through a barrier with a slit to the target barrier – detector.

In the first part of the experiment, the photons behaved like particles.

Science believed at that time the particles (elemental part of all existence) can only be at one place at one time. And because of that, they were not prepared for what will follow in the experiment.  

In the second part of the experiment, they added the barrier another slit. In this phase of the experiment when they fired particle into the double slit barrier, the particle after passing through the slit “turned” into waves. It didn’t behave as a particle but as a wave. It had previously been unknown and unthinkable to science.

This raised the question of why? Who knows there are two slits? Photon? Scientists who observe the experiment?

What they found in this experiment is that the awareness of an observer affects the particle, or how the particles behave.

Why does it matter? Because this shows that our consciousness affects the physical reality in which we live. The observer changes the particle from which our world is created.


This experiment was repeated in 1998 in Israel with the same results. The experiment also showed the more an observer observes the particle, the effect is greater. So, the more we look at our physical world we have more influence on it. Only with being present in the world.

Buddhist tradition tells us virtually the same thing: “The reality exists only where the mind directs the focus.” If this is true, the question is, where is our focus?

According to what has been said, we can conclude that we are creators of our own reality who create with thoughts, beliefs and feelings.


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